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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I posted the results of my head MRI a while back, remember? It was 'normal'. Well, my migraines are still persisting. I went back to my Dr last week. She put me on Topamax (1 daily for 3 weeks, increase to 2 daily and see how that works). She said it may take 2 months or longer to get the full benefits of the medication. She gave me some sort of pain med that is for migraines. I tried Imitrex- which did not touch my headaches (it's to the point where tylenol, ibprofen, RX naproxin are not working). However, the med she gave me hasn't worked either. I'm wondering if it's not migraines- if it's something hormonal? Or something else? Really... Why would I be having headaches that meds aren't getting rid of? Going to complete silence doesn't help, no lights doesn't help. My ears ring. It feels like an elephant is stomping my head. It hurts! So, thats whats new with me. My head hurts, which really isn't new at all.

We helped my Momma & Dave get moved last weekend. Oh, boy- that way fun. For some crazy reason they thought we could get packed & moved in 2 days. Well, we did for the most part- but, geez.. did we work hard!!!

The boys are doing well. All 3 of them. Logen is loving school. He threw a fit when I picked him up today. He did not want to leave! That made my heart smile. Parker did ok with Brian today and yesterday. He kept him while I did the ACC training. He cried alot yesterday. My littlest man is just not used to being away from his momma. Adam is working like crazy (which isn't new) Fed-ex keeps their employees busy!


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