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Monday, February 4, 2008

You know you have a little OCD when...

* You clean somebody else's kitchen instead of watching the Super Bowl
* You absolutely REFUSE to own a mop. They harbor nastiness. You mop your floors on your hands and knees with a cloth and cleaner until the white rag you use is still white when you've gone over the floor a million times.
* You friends tell you, lovingly, you are a 'germ-o-phob'
* Your dishwasher must be loaded a certain way. You reload it if somebody else loads it. You 'fix' other peoples dishwashers to.
* The toilet paper must 'hang over' the roll. You fix this wherever you go.
* You clean your vaccum cleaner, the top of the washer, dryer, ect with disenfectant.
* You wish you were a little more OC about putting the laundry away. You don't mind washing and drying it, but putting it away is your least favorite chore.
* Your favorite thing to do- is vaccum your floors. You have a neat attachment for the wood & tile floors and it gets up everything. You love your vaccum cleaner. You get 'giddy' when you go to use it. You use it daily and you love the fact that it's also an air purifier.
* You can laugh when people make fun of you about the above things. But, secretly you like your obsessive behavior about some stuff. And, then you think- oh, perhaps it contributes to your high stress levels. You should chill out.

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  1. Melissa (JoshieNMiasMommy)February 4, 2008 at 12:44 PM

    I seriously think we are related cause that's me to a "T"!!! LOL!
    Hope you're not too stressed out these days....I'm gonna shoot you an e-mail later this afternoon!
    Love ya!!!

  2. Melissa- too funny! Could you imagine staying at one another's homes. Can you say, OCD war?! LOL Where's my email? :)

  3. Let's see...I've cleaned other people's homes when I've gone to visit. Heck, I cleaned my parents' house last time I went to visit, because I was bored and it was bugging me! I don't own a mop. The only reason I don't mop on my hands and knees is because I broke that habit. Not a germophobe here, but I definitely get anal about the way the dishwasher is loaded. I also get anal about the way dishes are stacked, put away, the order in which they are hand washed, etc. I think I drive Bob nuts by rearranging the dishwasher when I'm over there, because I have my way, and he has his. Toilet paper issue? Yeah...me, too. Haven't resorted to cleaning my vacuum yet, though I have disinfected the washer/dryer in the past, when I had one. I am COMPLETELY anal about laundry...how it's sorted, how it's washed...everything has to be right side out, sorted according to towels, then lights and darks. Then it has to be folded and put away in a certain way. Yeah...but I absolutely HATE vacuuming...I HATE the noise....too much sensory stimulation. So we have some OCD tendencies in common. I have other ticks, like counting stairs or tiles or stripes or whatever, though. Are we even?


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