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Monday, February 4, 2008

Would ya say a little prayer for my littlest Mister, Parker? He's sick. He had a horrible night/day. We went to the Dr today. He started amoxicillin and breathing treatments. His temp is rising. He had motrin 2 hours ago and tylenol hour ago. At this point, I'm worried. We did 5 minutes of ice packs under the arms and in the groin area. I'm hoping it will start going now soon. If all else fails (cool bath, more meds, ice packs, etc) we will be going to the hospital.

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  1. okay, I've only been the mother of a son for a week now, but ice packs to the groin sounds like a horrible thing to have to do to a child...I'm so sorry, I'm sure it seems like a never ending ordeal...too bad we don't get frequent flyer miles or spa points for each trip to the doctors office...you and I could take a wonderful vacation...but then, who would watch the kiddos? love from Dallas

  2. I hope Parker's fever went down. It's so scary when they are that little. Keep us posted.

  3. OH NO! Keep us posted. I said a little prayer.


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