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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loving This Stuff!!!

I've been eating Kashi's "Go Lean Crunch!" for a week now. I LOVE it! To me it tastes almost like Sugar Smacks. There is a ton of fiber and protein in the cereal. I did some research and found that most American's only get like 10% of our daily recommended fiber. In 1 serving of this cereal, you get something like 14%! I was sold on that. It's kind of pricey though. I bought my first box at Target (they had the Kashi cereals on sale for 3 for $8) and I bought a box at Walmart yesterday for 2.50.

My other new favorite cookie is Kashi's "TLC Chewy Oatmeal Dark Chocolate" It also has very high fiber in it. I promise you will only want to eat one of these a day. It's very good for your bowels. :) And, it's yummy! I was thinking after the first bite- this isn't so great- but, the second bite was yummy. I won't let my boys or Adam eat these cookies! They are strictly mine! If you get a chance, you must try a few of the Kashi products. They are good for you and all natural. Let me know if you do and what you try!

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  1. I love Kashi too! I love their granola bars too. SO GOOD. I haven't tried the cookies yet.....but I will. Thanks.

  2. I love those cookies too!
    Hmmm....interesting unknown fact about the spiders....good to know!
    I'll have to thank Melinda for that one ;)


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