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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm In Need Of A BRAIN

Do you have one you could give me?! Seriously, today is just NOT my day. Here's what I've done so far.... that you can totally laugh at b/c I'm sitting here going "Jessica- what are you thinking?!"

* I pick Logen up from school to take to therapy. I notice my gas light is on. No biggie, I get into the turn lane and pull into a BANK. I get out and am ready to pump gas- only I realize the particular bank (and no bank that I'm aware of)DOES NOT (editing to add the 'does not') has a gas pump
* I FINALLY make it to a REAL gas station. I insert my card to pay. However, it keeps telling me to INSERT YOUR CARD. I look at my 'card', only its not my debit card but my DRIVERS LICENSE.
* I've been working on burning the 200+ songs on my computer on to disks so that I can wipe out my computer (still not done) since about 9am. It's nearly 3pm. I'm getting so ticked off that windows media player keeps telling me to "insert a disk". I've inserted a disk. I've put every friggin' disk in the stack in the disk drive, yet none of them are working! I pull it out ready to chunk it outside when I actually READ the disk. It's a DVD-RW. Not CD-RW. Could be why I can't write music to it. DUH!
* This is just a case of foot in mouth- I called the Dr this morning to request a consult. I make the appt and she says, "Can I ask how you heard about us?" Sure, my husband delivered your boobs yesterday. She said, "What?" Let me clarify. My hubby is your fedex man, you have boobs fed-exed to you yesterday.
Wow, Jess... You are a very bright crayon today! It's only 3pm. It could get worse. I blame it on my first 16oz cup of REAL (not decaf) coffee (a caramel mocha) since March 2006. Almost 2 years. The caffine has obviously made me loopy.

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  1. Jess! Thanks for sharing! I laughed out loud, but it was only because I know how those days go! I hope that a little rest clears it u*

  2. I am so glad I just left your blog, after I read that your P doesn't work. I would have been lost with the ** in my comments had I not known that. Crazy how much you notice the letter P when it's replaced by a *!!! My - key was picked off by Parker. It's under warrenty, but I don't feel like doing w/o a computer for 2-6 weeks to get the key put back on.


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