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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Morning Doctor Visit

I took Logen to the Dr this morning after he woke up with blood coming out of his right ear. He had tubes put in June 2006. They are still in, which is amazing since they tend to fall out after 1 year. They are now irritating his inner ear. I own a otoscope (I think that is what it's called) and when I looked this morning, the left was red and the right looked terrible. That's exactly what the Dr said as well. He put him on Zithromax and told me to call the ENT on Monday.
As for me, I have a stomach bug. The one thats been going around. I look about 6 months pregnant b/c I'm so bloated. It's great. Haha I've been drinking sprite & pepto all day. Mmmmm, yum!
It took us nearly 4 hours at the after hours clinic this morning. Logen crawled in my lap once we got called back and we both napped for about an hour until the Dr finally came in.

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