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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He's Seriously Not My Kid

If I hadn't have conceived him, carried him for 34 weeks, and then birthed him... I would swear Parker is not mine. He is one of those 'high maintence' children. Oh my goodness, he's driving my bonkers lately. Yea- he's Mr Independant when it comes to a ton of stuff, like eating. Which is completely wonderful. But, sometimes it's not so terrific. I WISH for Logen to be more independant. So, It's not like I don't know how truely lucky I am because I do. Anyway, back to the kid that's not mine. (LOL) He's got a major temper. He throws things at my head. He INSISTS I feed him whatever he brings me. He goes through the cabinets and finds food, then when you tell him "no", he chunks it at you, goes and gets it, and throws it again- until you give up and give it to him. Yes, it's funny- he makes the cutest little faces when he does it. He laughs at you telling him no. He laughs when you swat his little hand when he tries to pull the outlet covers out or unplugs stuff. He laughs at you when you get mad at him. He's no longer eating baby food. And, for the last 2 days he's eaten nothing but pb & j sandwiches and sliced cheese. I can't get him to eat 'good' stuff. Logen has NEVER been picky! This is a whole new ball game to me!
Thanks for letting me vent. Do know, that I LOVE my baby dearly. All Mom's out there know this feeling, I'm sure of it. And, yes- Mommies with kids like Logen, I know you are secretly wishing you could post something of this nature to. I LOVE you. And, I've been there, I am there. I know what your heart feels like. My heart hurts that I cannot post something of this nature for my Logen. I also know you are sitting there laughing at me being frustrated. I laugh to. I know I have rotten children. And, there's nobody to blame but my Mom. J/K Mom- It's not all your fault. I think Adam & I play a small role in it too :)

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  1. Believe me girl, I know what you mean!!! I would like to tell you it gets easier but I am still waiting (but my oldest is only seven-so there is hope LOL). Parker is so cute, I can just picture him throwing things at you!!! TOO FUNNY!!!

  2. i'm with you girl...I know I should be happy that Will is already more demanding than Ella has EVER been, but it's such a praise that he's healthy...I still trying to figure out how to "vent" without sounding ungreatful for a "typical" child...I can't wait till he throws food at me, but I'll be posting it as well!!


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