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Friday, February 22, 2008

She Loves Me :)

Melissa announced she can't stand cotton balls. They give her the 'he-be-ge-be's". So, I got a bright idea- when I mailed her "Plain Truth" I decided I would stuff the envelope with cotton balls as well. Don't tell me something creeps you out.... bad idea! LOL
I got an email from her this morning.... Titled "YOU STINK"
"O.K.., so yesterday I go out to get the mail & see a large envelope hanging out of the mailbox...I get all excited cause I LOVE getting mail. So, I grab it & see that it's from my friend, Jess & I think to myself...YAY!!! The book she promised!!
I run inside & tear open the envelope & without looking, reach in to pull the book out.....AAAAHHHH!! I scream & throw the envelope on the floor & scare the CRAP out of my kids!! I go & get the scissors so I can cut the envelope open.....out falls countless COTTON BALLS!!!"
.... she also informed me that she'd get me back when I least expect it!
Here's what it looked like when I packaged it. BTW Melissa- I knew I was going to blog about this... just had to wait until you got the package :)

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  1. Hardy-har-har!! I have to admit, Jess...that was a good one!!! Just remember what I said......WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT :)

  2. Ha! That is too funny.

    Melissa - Remember revenge is a dish best served up cold. ;)

  3. Oh she's going to get you for this one! It's funny, laugh out loud funny...but she'll get even...

  4. Thanks for the laugh! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!


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